Live with confidence during times of economic and geopolitical uncertainty. x

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5 things you MUST know about money.

Must Know #1

Embrace the future.

The old saying, “follow the money” is true. Know about money and you will understand our changing world.

Opportunities abound. Make a difference today and for future generations…

Know where you are and where you are going. Live with confidence during changing times.

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Join your host Doug Tjaden as he and his guests cut through the political spin and economic nonsense. Know what money is, its role in society, and what the changes in the world of money will mean to you and your family. Become a confident steward of your time, talent, and treasures.

(Coming August/September 2014)

Regular commentary via our own blog articles as well as links to relevant news and blog posts from trusted sources. Information, and practical tips on how to navigate life with peace during uncertain times.

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